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Who am I ?

know not say who I am, but I can say what moves me:

the welcome of each day that presents itself.


I was born from a disunited family,

which gives me even more the taste for harmony and bond.


Various schools of decoration, drawing, painting allowed me to establish bases, various trades marked out my existence, each bringing their changes, but it is painting which has always had the preference since childhood.

Later photography; write with light.


I married a magician musician who helps me to flourish and who follows my work with love and kindness.


In our countryside, through the valleys, crossing deer and kites,

I draw from the source to give my photos and my paintings the best

of themselves.


After picking oregano and lemon balm, talking with the stone elves, greeting the hillside peasants, full of sun and wind, I return to the workshop, and there, with unspeakable freshness, I get back to work…

An eclectic journey

Initiated to drawing and painting by a painter grandfather, Clo Hamelin has been drawing since the age of 10.


At the age of 12, she was given an old Rolleiflex camera which allowed her to photograph what she would paint later.


After studying drama at the Conservatoire national de Paris and a career as an actor, to say the least, eventful and complex, she became interested in the psychiatric prison environment, and went to study as a nurse at the Sainte-Anne hospital in Paris, where she is aware of art brut.

This detour through this asylum environment, and confronted with this singular art, makes her take up the brushes again.


Later, after training with the Compagnons de France, which did not give her satisfaction in the professional field as a painter-decorator, and became a mother, she will be a typographer, model maker, then journalist, and will study more assiduously the art of photography.

She organized her own photography exhibition, with around a hundred images, in 1998, on the theme of exclusion, called "France, land of asylum".

She will present this exhibition at the University of Caen, then at the "Open Doors of Belleville", as well as at the "Glaz'Art" gallery in Paris. Some images will be the subject of press releases.


Seriously considering reconnecting with her muse, she entered IPEDEC, in the painted furniture section, and studied ornamentation, polychromy, illusion paintings, and gold leaf as well as patinas and grisailles. In this school, she explores under the guidance of Philippe Fagot, arcenciologist, the mysterious and complex world of colors.


As a student in the studio of Jean-Pierre Besenval, in the heart of the Marais in Paris, she rubs shoulders with ancient techniques as closely as possible and assimilates all the stages of decoration on wood, from the Medieval to the Italian Renaissance.

The piece of furniture becomes a work of art.

Initiation to the triptych with Luigi Madéo, cabinet maker.


She will create various pieces of furniture of abstract inspiration, always using the same ancestral techniques. The work of Decorative Art, then that of a painter linked to that of photography that she handles with so much poetry, reveal an eclectic course, and signify the culmination of an artistic process begun a long time ago, on the sidelines of fashions, marked by achievements, colors, patterns gleaned over time, readings and routes.


       The works are carried out with different techniques.

The Still Lives are executed with a skin glue base, painted with casein and old-fashioned with beeswax patina. This gives the whole an atmosphere of yesteryear, particularly deep, and lasting.

The pastels are for some reworked in the graphic palette and printed on Velin d'Arche.

The other pastels are natural.

The paintings are made with saponified wax, a technique that is also ancestral.

I do Still Life and illusion paintings on commission.

For any order, you can reach me by email or phone.

06 08 52 45 84

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