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With humor, some will ask if in this gallery there are several painters ...

                The paintings seem different, but the "painter" is the same.

Except that the mood is changeable, as everyone knows ...


Are the days always the same?

Doesn't everyday life vary?

Do we always repeat the same tasks?

It is characteristic of impermanence ...


Art is like life, impermanent ...


In view of what is exposed, I did not try the next day to reproduce identically

what animated me the day before.


Nor does my line on Thursday resemble that on Monday.

I just painted the mood of the moment ... with my cultural baggage,

and my assiduous thirst for renewal.


Aware of the reality of conditioning and preconceived ideas in Art,

I strive to free myself from them.


So, I start from the void.

It's a total improvisation.

        I never make a plan, it's the mind that directs everything.


The hand ventures with the pigmented brush on the surface.

It is the saponified wax that decides, it is matter, matter and spirit,

l intoxicated with contingency.

And in the light that illuminates the road.


A draft appears in the maze of the unforeseen.

This is where the adventure looms.

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